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Tatua's Bionutrients business manufactures and supplies peptones and purified proteins required for microbial diagnostic media, cell culture media, microbiological fermentation media and dairy starter culture media.

 Tatua's experienced Bionutrients team provides value to customers through confidential customised product development solutions. A fully dedicated microbiological laboratory on site allows for regular close collaboration between all team members in the product development for customer requirements.

Tatua's peptones can be used for a wide variey of applications including toxin/vaccine product, eg. Diptheria; Fermentation applications, eg. Starter cultures for preserved meat industry; Insect cell culture eg. Biocontrol agents; biopharmaceutical applications eg. Insulin production and Enzyme/protein production eg. Laundry detergent enzymes.

Due to New Zealand's geographic isolation, it is free from pests and diseases that are problematic for agriculture in other countries, including BSE and foot and mouth disease. View New Zealand MAF Biosecurity documentation.

All cows are pasture-fed year round and Tatua has control over the entire supply chain from raw milk through to finished products. This allows for consistent supply and the manufacture of consistent high quality products.

Tatua offers a range of peptones including dairy peptones and non-animal peptones. Please contact us for more product information.