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Tatua Sour Cream

Tatua MascarponeTatua Creme Fraiche



Tatua Mascarpone

Tatua Mascarpone is a velvety soft Italian style cream cheese that is rich, creamy and spreadable. Its velvety texture is similar to thickened whipped cream. Read more

Tatua Crème Fraiche

Tatua Crème Fraiche is a deliciously tangy soured cream that has a thick velvety texture. It is perfect to use in place of cream in cooking as it doesn’t curdle or separate. Read more

Tatua Sour Cream

Tatua Sour Cream is a cultured soft and creamy long-life sour cream with a distinctive tangy flavour.  A versatile product which is ideal for baking, desserts, savoury meals and dolloping. Read more


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