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Flavour Ingredients

Tatua’s Flavour Ingredients business has a proven track record delivering a flexible innovative approach to developing and manufacturing ingredients for the global food and beverage industry.


Manufactured from natural, high quality dairy ingredients, Tatua has developed a wide range of flavour ingredients to enhance the flavour and mouthfeel, and reduce costs in a wide range of food formulations.

Drawing from our experience selling dairy ingredients on the global market, and close collaborative partnerships with our customers worldwide, we have developed a core range of flavour ingredients.  These include Butter, Cream & Milk, Cheese and Custom designed flavours. This range can be used for initial evaluation and we have the ability to develop new products and contract manufacture a range of dairy based ingredients to meet your specific needs.

Tatua specialises in technology that allows dairy products to be replaced with natural dairy flavour ingredients and vegetable based ingredients for cost reduction purposes. So whether you are looking to add a full creamy mouthfeel to low fat products or replacing fats, or even just interested in what flavours can do for you, Tatua Flavour Ingredients would love to help you. Contact us.