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Butter Flavour

Butter Flavour is a natural dairy product made from New Zealand anhydrous milk fat.


It is an extensively lipolysed product, used to create a concentrated butter flavour with a rich buttery mouth feel. This is suitable for use in both food and beverage applications.

Natural Butter flavour is a cost-effective alternative to using other fat sources; it masks unwanted flavours and improves the taste of bakery products.

Suitable for use in both low fat and high fat based products - including ice cream bases, bakery fillings, soups, sauces, spreads, margarines and UHT dairy based beverages. It provides a rich cream flavour at low doses and a full, rich buttery flavour at higher doses. A typical dose reate is 0.05% to 1% in finished applications.

Tatua Butter flavour is available in a range of formats including powder and paste. Available in flexible packaging options including 15kg non resealable bags and resealable 20l plastic pails.

For information about purchasing a product from the Tatua Butter Flavour range please contact us.Buttery Croissants