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Specialty Nutritionals


Tatua’s Specialty Nutritionals division has a proven track record in developing and manufacturing a broad range of dairy protein hydrolysates, bioactive proteins like Lactoferrin and phospholipid fat products for the specialised food and functional supplement markets around the world.


The specialty nutritionals team regularly provide value to customers through innovative and collaborative development of new and often complex dairy ingredients. Utilising extensive protein expertise and a flexible modern facility Tatua will deliver quality solutions at an affordable overall cost.

Tatua offers a standard range of protein hydrolysates from bovine casein and whey, a range of bioactive proteins like lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and other co isolate proteins as well as phospholipid powders.

From specialised nutrition to functional bioactive ingredients, Tatua’s Specialty Nutritionals ingredients have applications in sport and enteral nutrition, infant formula, meal replacement and the functional supplement markets.