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Collaborative product development and manufacture

Tatua has a wide variety of technologies and a flexible approach that enables our team to work collaboratively with our business partners to co-develop specialty products.

Contract manufacture at Tatua has proven to be a good choice for many large dairy and food companies worldwide. Modern and flexible manufacturing facilities and extensive protein technical knowledge combine to offer rapid product development times and low cost solutions when a unique specialised ingredient is required to add value in the consumer market.

Key technologies available for customised product development solutions at Tatua include:

  • chromatography for fractionation and purification of target proteins or peptides
  • enzymatic protein hydrolysis for release of target peptides and amino acids
  • micro filtration for clarification of products
  • ultra filtration for the concentration of protein by removal of water without heat
  • UHT and aseptic packing of liquid products
  • spray dry and freeze dry powders
  • Ability to extract value from waste streams
  • pilot plant facilities for lab-scale product trials

For more specific product information, please contact us.