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Tatua manufactures a wide range of dairy (whey and casein) protein hydrolysates for specialised nutritional applications. Compared to intact proteins, hydrolysates are more rapidly absorbed in the digestive system and have improved solubility and acid stability, enhanced heat stability and reduced viscosity.

The current range of standard Tatua Hydrolysates are displayed below:

Casein Hydrolysates Whey Hydrolysates
  • HCP102
  • HWP117
  • HWP211
  • HWP205
  • HWP307
  • HWP406
Properties Properties
  • Low fat and lactose
  • High levels of casein phosphopeptides
  • Good flavour
  • Readily digestible
  • Emulsifying functionalities
  • Quick digestion and absorption
  • High ratio of branched chain amino acids
  • Bland flavour properties
  • Highly filtered
  • Heat stable
  • HWP406 is low in fat and lactose
Applications Applications
  • Infant formula
  • Sports nutrition supplements
  • Meal replacements
  • Infant formula
  • Sports nutrition supplements
  • Meal replacements

For more specific product information please contact us.